Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Spring, but no longer Spring Break

It's officially spring - funny how my spring break was before the official start of spring. Hmmm.
Last weekend Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Bob came over. Mom helped me finally finish my vintage Springbock MN puzzle that I have had rolled up and out of the way since last summer. I have my new birthday puzzle out on the table now - not too far yet, but I love having a puzzle out so you can walk by, find a piece and feel satisfied.

Sunday night was the "first real haircut night" - not just a trim. We got a razor-comb grooming tool. It was the perfect thing for avoiding the "mom cut my hair" look - at least I hope I avoided it. I miss the shagginess, but it had to be done. He looks like such a "big kid" now. Here is a before and after:

We had our first rehearsal for the Spring Concert for Roseville String Ensemble this week. Sara is playing in this one with me! Our last chance to play together before she takes off for grad school - wherever that may be... perhaps here.

We've got a sick boy this weekend. Just a cold - he's tired and cuddly with streams coming from his nose (not always clear ones). I'm sure he will be ready and rearin' to go on Monday with Grandpa Bob.

As far as socks go... I finished one of the "Spring" socks - I am stalling on it a bit so that I can finish sock #2 after the colors change to pink/green/yellow in April for Project Spectrum.
One Spring SockTo the heel flap
I started a different pair for the interim. I am trying out ribbing down the whole cuff and top of the sock. It's the same kind of yarn I used for Davin's socks, but I am using smaller needles. I'm only to the heel of sock #1 due to the beautiful weather, a puzzle out on the table and great book series I'm reading - The Immortals by Tamora Pierce - oh yeah and there's that cute little budlet to play with too.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Video: Interview and Busy Boy

There is a new video in the sidebar. The first part shows off a few of Radely's first words (if you are wondering what he is doing with his hands at the beginning - he heard a train, and that's his sign for train). He seems to be giving up a few of his signs in favor of pointing or saying something.
The second half is the busy boy in action on his trike he got for Christmas from Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Bob.
He is 17 months old today (we have to remember to take the picture with striped kitty tonight!) and "busy" is probably the best word to describe him.

Yesterday - after hanging around while the plumbers installed our new water heater - we had a family day for Davin's birthday. We went out to eat at Pop (notice Davin's new hat) and visited the Walker (notice Radley's too-big shirt). Radley really enjoyed looking around at the Walker - he pointed to many pieces and tried to tell us something about them. Here are the boys after our big day "sitting on their balls".

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break

It's Spring Break, so I have been posting a bit more than usual. Tuesday I enjoyed "using" two birthday gifts. First I spent the morning getting a pedicure (only my 4th ever) which was my gift from Davin and Radley. If I had to pick one and only one spa treatment, that would be it - love it!

My second gift was a gift certificate to a local yarn shop (Thanks, Kathleen!) - one not far away that I had not been to before. I went with some Lorna's Laces in a green called "Envy" - thinking about next month's Project Spectrum colors.
Lorna's Laces - Envy
The other yarn shop I have been to doesn't let you wind the yarn you buy using the in store swift and ball winder - an employee must do it for you. But at this store, I got to do it myself for the first time. Very exciting.
I know Davin would say I have officially crossed over - I had a camera with me at the yarn shop and took photos - I don't think anyone saw me though. I am sad I didn't think to take a photo pre-winding to do the colors more justice.

Lorna's Laces - Envy (on Swift)

Lorna's Laces - Envy (Ball Winder)

Today's Spring Break fun involved meeting with a plumber about our water heater situation. We are going with a tankless, gas model and venting out the side, in case you are interested. Also, we are not using any ugly pennies to pay for it either, it costs a pretty one. Sigh.

After that we took the car to the dealership to have them fix the AUX line into the radio - so that Davin can use his fancy-schmancy iPod in the car. It was a quick fix, and we got a free car wash. I actually pumped my fist in the air when the guy gave us the car wash token - I love car washes (especially free ones) - it's like a spa treatment for your car.

Today's birthday gift I used was a gift card to Barnes and Noble (Thanks to Alphie!). I couldn't resist getting Wonderfalls on DVD.

We finished the night with Taco Pie (Davin's birthday choice) for "Wednesday Night Dinner" at Teen and Papa John's.
I'm stuffed and tired.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Socks - Socks - Socks

I finished Davin's socks on Saturday night while watching Firefly (Thanks, Sara). He was pretty excited and wore them on Sunday.
Davin's Socks Done!

Just after that I wrapped up the "learnin' socks" too. I made them with different types of heels for practice. I finally figured out how to purl without twisting my stitches and made sense of that whole SSK thing. It takes me awhile with things having to figure it out the "lefty" way.
Learnin' Socks

I started a pair for myself this morning. The spring-y colors just make me smile.
Spring Socks

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Morning Walk brought to you by Project Spectrum

We took a walk to our favorite neighborhood coffee shop this morning and looped back on the greenway. It is gorgeous outside! More weather like this, please!

Today's walk brought to you by the colors blue, white and gray:


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthdays and Water Heaters

I think the planets were aligned - I had a fabulous birthday yesterday (as well as much fun leading up to yesterday and continued celebration today).
I had to work, but it was a workshop day so I could go in late. Davin made me breakfast, a friend took me out to lunch, and I went out for drinks after work with the gals (including my Birthday Twin!). I had lots of other fabulous surprises and feel good moments too.

This coming week is Spring Break and that may have a lot to do with my relaxed and happy attitude. Davin is taking time off this week and we have plans to go out to lunch and see a few movies.

Davin's birthday is this coming Friday (I married a younger man!) and the I think the Birthday socks will be done just in time. I'm on the home stretch.

Filed in the "not quite so fun" category is the slow death of our water heater. It is still functioning at the moment, but it is leaking and not repairable. Since it is in a hidden corner of our cellar, we did not find it until this morning.

The news got even better after the repair man came - we were fully prepared to buy and install a new water heater. What we were not prepared for were all of the complications with our "too small" pipes and "non-legal" chimney. Argh. So the slowly dying beast is still in the basement, and an electrician is coming on Monday to look at our best option, an electric water heater.
Ahh... the joys of home ownership - especially a home built in 1918.

Gratuitous kid pics from earlier this week:

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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Don't stay up until 1 a.m. when your son is going to get up at 5:15 a.m. and it is your morning to get up with him (I get to sleep in on Sat, Davin gets Sun).

It's hard to be grumpy though when your kid is in such a good mood - handing you books and climbing in your lap.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to be outside - so much snow, but sunny and warm. We took a walk with our all terrain stroller (what a great thing!), and did a little sledding around the yard.

In other news: Davin is a miracle worker. He was able to get the photos off of the CD from the Beast using the PC. Whew! I officially un-curse technology - for now.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Curse you, technology!

Argh. I was getting ready to write a post by getting all of my photos in order on my computer, and our old Beast digital camera is throwing a fit, which in turn is causing my computer to act up. The problems I have been dealing with may mean that all of the photos on the Beast camera are able to be seen on the camera but not removed.
This causes me to sigh heavily because most of the 16th month photo session was on the Beast - leaving us with only this one on Tiny (the other camera). At least there is one. I would be not only sighing heavily, but also scrunching my face into a prune like shape if we had lost them all. The same face I made when we realized that our video from his first birthday - of him eating his cake - was all taken turned on its side, and cannot be rotated with our current technology (hence the reason it never made it to the blog). At least the one photo captures the feeling of the photo session - it was such a difficult one now that he is so on the go.

I will just take a few deep breaths and move on. This photo was a surprise that made me smile as I was getting photos off of Tiny.

Yesterday was a snow day. Davin still had to head into work, but Radley and I stayed home. We spent a lot of time outside. He played while I tried to shovel most of the driveway. My arms are tired, but at least Davin didn't have to come home to an hour and a half of snow-removal. He was able to have some snow play time too.

The latest on the kid front is nodding. Radley loves to nod in response to questions. Sometimes it seems like he really understands what you are asking, but other times.... hmmm. The other night we were making up goofy stuff just to see if we would get a nod: Do you want to move to Antarctica? *nod, nod* Do you like brussel sprouts? *nod, nod*

I have been working on the birthday socks (to be worn with a birthday suit!). I am done with one and to the heel of the 2nd.
I took a little break yesterday to try out something on some worsted weight yarn (aka bigger and faster). I was inspired by a pattern used by Cauchy09. I took her idea and am keeping it going down the top of the foot. It is also my first time using bamboo needles instead of metal - very different, but nice. I tried something different with the heel this time. I'm not sure I like it better, but it's a learning experience, and hey, it keeps me out of trouble. I had this yarn flagged for Project Spectrum Feb/March, so it's good I am getting to it before the end of March.

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