Saturday, March 03, 2007

Curse you, technology!

Argh. I was getting ready to write a post by getting all of my photos in order on my computer, and our old Beast digital camera is throwing a fit, which in turn is causing my computer to act up. The problems I have been dealing with may mean that all of the photos on the Beast camera are able to be seen on the camera but not removed.
This causes me to sigh heavily because most of the 16th month photo session was on the Beast - leaving us with only this one on Tiny (the other camera). At least there is one. I would be not only sighing heavily, but also scrunching my face into a prune like shape if we had lost them all. The same face I made when we realized that our video from his first birthday - of him eating his cake - was all taken turned on its side, and cannot be rotated with our current technology (hence the reason it never made it to the blog). At least the one photo captures the feeling of the photo session - it was such a difficult one now that he is so on the go.

I will just take a few deep breaths and move on. This photo was a surprise that made me smile as I was getting photos off of Tiny.

Yesterday was a snow day. Davin still had to head into work, but Radley and I stayed home. We spent a lot of time outside. He played while I tried to shovel most of the driveway. My arms are tired, but at least Davin didn't have to come home to an hour and a half of snow-removal. He was able to have some snow play time too.

The latest on the kid front is nodding. Radley loves to nod in response to questions. Sometimes it seems like he really understands what you are asking, but other times.... hmmm. The other night we were making up goofy stuff just to see if we would get a nod: Do you want to move to Antarctica? *nod, nod* Do you like brussel sprouts? *nod, nod*

I have been working on the birthday socks (to be worn with a birthday suit!). I am done with one and to the heel of the 2nd.
I took a little break yesterday to try out something on some worsted weight yarn (aka bigger and faster). I was inspired by a pattern used by Cauchy09. I took her idea and am keeping it going down the top of the foot. It is also my first time using bamboo needles instead of metal - very different, but nice. I tried something different with the heel this time. I'm not sure I like it better, but it's a learning experience, and hey, it keeps me out of trouble. I had this yarn flagged for Project Spectrum Feb/March, so it's good I am getting to it before the end of March.

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