Monday, February 19, 2007

The Day of Presidents

To celebrate today I spent the day at home with a Bud-let who was not feeling so well. Yesterday started with the big D and moved on to the big V. Our den still smells a bit like sour milk from the evening's big V episode. Today everything stayed down and was coming out in a less explosive manner, but he was a big snugly bunny much of the day, so I know he still was not feeling well.
For fun, we snacked at the table in the den on water and some crackers - he thought it was pretty cool to eat at his table. We watched a little Curious George (George broke is leg and Hunley was a monkey-sitter) and read a bunch of books.
Tonight Davin and I were discussing whether or not to give him a bath. He made the sign for bath, and tried to head upstairs. When we asked him if he wanted a bath - he nodded! That's a new thing.
I love that he can communicate with signs. I know that without them we would have come up with other ways to communicate before speech, but it really has given me an such insight into what he notices and understands as well as giving him a way to communicate what he wants without frustration. He can hear an airplane while we are inside the house, and he makes the sign for airplane. It never would have crossed my mind that he would connect that sound with an airplane without seeing it. Kids are smart.
After the bath that he asked for tonight, we put him in some "too tall" jim jam pants. We couldn't decide if he was Cary Grant or Jules Leotard.

In other news... I am knitting my first pair of adult sized socks - size 13 men's! As my dad would say Davin has "a very large understanding". And you know what they say about men with big feet.... they need big socks.

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