Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I've jumped on the sock-wagon

I've seen so many people (online and in person) hooked on sock knitting lately. I have now jumped on the sock-wagon and last week decided to learn to knit socks. I know - it's so trendy - but it looked so fun. First I needed to remember how to knit - I did make a scarf in college, and when Davin decided he wanted to learn to knit last Thanksgiving, I knew enough to teach him what it would take to make a scarf (he recently said that I can now appropriate the yarn he bought to make the scarf).
With the help of www.knittinghelp.com to see double pointed needles in action, I was on my way.
First I made an "ankle" sock (which I didn't actually finish) so that I could figure out the whole heel turning thing - which didn't not end up being as hard as I thought.

For my first real pair, I went for baby sized socks with some leftover yarn I had on hand. They are inspired by Little MissMatched - a company that makes socks that are coordinated, but not matching.
There may be other socks in my future.

In other news... our frozen pipes are working again. For a week we were without the sink in our main floor bath and a working washing machine. Saturday we spent the day at "Grandma and Grandpa's" hanging out and doing laundry (Thank you!!!). Wouldn't you know it, the very next day it thaws enough to start flowing again. Oh well.
It's crazy how suddenly 16 degrees seems warm.

In Radley news... Cat is a popular sign lately. Every time Matty walks by Radley lets us know he saw her. Last night for bath time I happened to put on an "old favorite" shirt. It's a T-shirt I got from the Neilsen's for house-sitting when I was about 12. It has a big Maine Coon Cat on the front (you don't need to tell me, I know it's cool). Radley thought that shirt was awesome and kept letting me know there was a cat on it.

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