Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Story of Orinda

I have not told many people of how Orinda became my online moniker. When I Davin and I first met in college, we would send each other notes in the campus mail system. Once he sent me a note in code. To figure out the code you had to take the first letter of each word in the note. The coded message was a question "Do you..." and the first words of the note were "Dear Orinda". Davin says he has no idea how he came up with Orinda, but since the days of Telnet and ISCA BBS, I have used Orinda as my online name.
It has nothing to do with Orinda, Ca, but when Davin's family took a trip to Ca (shortly after the "Orinda Note" incident) he came back with an Orinda shirt.
John and Sharlene recently returned from a vacation near Orinda. Last weekend they stopped by for dinner, a game of Sleuth and to hand out some awesome souvenirs. I was the lucky recipient of many things Orinda: a "Friends of the Orinda Library" tote bag, photos from around town, an Orinda Books bookmark, and an Orinda license plate holder - so awesome.

In other news:

The first word is officially "Dada". Radley will respond with it when Davin asks "Who am I?" But he is also calling other things "dada" too at this point - like me. Hmmm.

The first haircut happened this morning - just a little trim around the face to get the hair out of the eyes. I don't think it's too noticeable as a "haircut".

I am continuing to work on the Frou-Frou sweater, but I took a break again last night to make a Davin scarf - it's orange and not symmetrical, two very Davin characteristics.

I gave away the secret sewing project last weekend - it was a crochet hook case housing hooks I borrowed a few years ago from Mom. I like the fold-over design better than the one I made for myself. I'm sure the idea came from another blog out there somewhere, but I can't remember where.

Radley as "static man", after back and forth under a "curtain" of a fleece blanket.

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