Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holiday Update

Radley is officially a toddler. Last week in the space of about 2 days we saw him go from mostly crawling to mostly walking. Now, about a week later, he seems like a walking pro. We have had a few good falls and head bumps along the way.

He also seems to be making a lot of connections with the signing we are doing. He has responded to many signs for awhile now, but just in the past few days he has been copying more of them. His favorite word is still "more" but this weekend he also signed "dinosaur" - thanks to the dinosaur crackers you left at our house, Nissa.

We had a wonderful holiday weekend. Sorry no holiday photos - I can't seem to find the camera since we've come home. I just dug out the old beast we bought last century (1999 I think). It's huge and only has about 2 mega-pixels, but I forgot how much I like it. It has a good lens and great reaction time from pressing the button to taking the picture. And it never seems to have a problem with "red-eye". It's the camera I used to take this picture camping near Yellowstone - just before I broke the display screen (I was in the dog house for that one).

...oh yeah our holiday... Saturday (aka Christmas Eve Eve) we hosted Davin's side at our house. Davin built a ramp earlier this year for his Grandma, so she was able to join us in her wheelchair. "Fun was had by all" - especially the two little cousins (Khalen and Radley) who seemed interested in the opposite cousin's presents. It all worked out without tears.

Christmas Eve morning has become our time to have just for us at home. We exchanged gifts and relaxed before heading to my parent's for the evening and Christmas Day. My Grandma was in the hospital over the weekend, so we brought Christmas Eve dinner (Swedish meatballs) to her. It reminded me of the times over the years that we brought meals to Mom at the hospital when she worked over Christmas - only the decor was different. Sara said she missed the dark red 70s look of the cafeteria.

I received so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts this year; I feel so blessed and thankful. I do need to mention one special gift from Davin.
He knows me so well... I have often lamented that I wanted DDR but didn't want to buy a game system. So this Christmas I got "My first DDR" - it plugs right into the TV! So awesome!

The kid sized granny square is off the hook - I added a little edging that would mimic the main stitch and it has now found its new owner.

Along with the ornaments this year, I made a few tissue holders I have seen around the blogosphere: Craftapalooza, Stardust Shoes
I chose to make some that folded over on the top, rather than meeting in the middle. Perhaps it's my way of cheating - I didn't want to have to make it look symmetrical.
I made a few out of some colored fabric I had. Santa took these and put them in stockings.

Then I made some out of one of Davin's Grandma's hankies.
They are simpler, but I love how those turned out, and I love the pairing of the hankie and the tissues. The fabric is so wonderfully soft from use. I used interfacing and a stiffer fabric for the lining. I have a stash of scarves and hankies from Alphie. I might make a few more for future give aways. I gave these two away to the Grandmas for Christmas.

Davin opened the fridge the other day and said, "Thank goodness we are not out of Sweet Tard." It just made me smile.

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