Sunday, November 19, 2006

CA and Home

Last weekend we went west to CA for Mark and Dawn's wedding. It was a quick trip - just Friday to Sunday.
It was Radley's first time flying so we were worried about driving everyone else on the plane crazy, but he rose to the occasion like normal and did a fabulous job. On the last leg of the trip home he no longer wanted to be cooped up and used us as jungle gyms for 2 hours, but that only drove us crazy.

The wedding was beautiful - it was a night wedding in an open air courtyard. There were strings of lights everywhere giving a candlelit atmosphere.

Saturday we had to ourselves, so we went to the Getty Museum. I think the art there is second to the details in the architecture and landscaping.
It was pretty breezy up on the hill. We left jackets in the car (a tram ride away) so Radley got a long-sleeved Getty shirt as a souvenir.

In the evening we went to Newport Beach to walk around and watch the sunset from the pier. It was very cold with the evening breeze, so we actually put on our jackets we wore to the airport in MN. We had planned on leaving them in a locker at the airport - but the terror alert was orange, which means no airport lockers. Lucky for us we had them in the car.

We have been looking forward to this weekend so that we could recover from last weekend. It was nice to stay home and relax - especially since all of us are still recovering from our lingering colds. Radley's cold has now developed a little cough.

We did venture out yesterday to "Baby Loves Disco." Chad at Crate won tickets through the Current and gave them to us. Imagine a night club during the day filled with parents and kids, and professional DJs playing great music to get you shakin' what you've got. They had snacks, stoller parking, a diaper changing area, and also places to hang out and color. Radley had fun playing with a chicken shaker - he's got rhythm.

When we left we got a bag of freebees - one of which was a crazy talking sippy cup. I'm only saying something about it so that no one thinks that we bought it for ourselves. It's a talking sippy cup - because that's what the world was missing.

Coming Soon: A Walking Update

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