Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween sneak Peek

I have been feeling the pressure for Radley to have a costume for Halloween - something other than his shirt that says "boo" (get it? Boo Radley). Everyone at work has been asking "So what's Radley going to be?", and Davin got made fun of at work for the Boo Radley idea.
So in less than 30 minutes (I had a few interruptions) and $3.50 I created (ta-daa) a dinosaur costume.

I was inspired by Luckybeans for the hat and used an old lime green T-shirt from a C&B opening, and since he will be wearing it all day at Kathleen's next week, I opted for no tail. I found a green T-shirt at Once Upon a Child (or as Davin calls it "Play it Again Kids") for $3.50, slit it up the back and added a few matching felt spikes. Just add some green pants, and voila Dinosaur.

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