Saturday, August 26, 2006

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair... don't miss it, don't even be late

We took Radley for his first "out of womb" state fair experience yesterday - he couldn't see very well last year. It was a perfect day for the fair - cool and cloudy.

We walked around a lot, but didn't go in some buildings just to avoid the crowds with our big stroller.

We had to go to the 4-H building to look at the exhibits and see a bit of the State Arts In show.

We stopped by the dairy building to see the butter sculptures. The princess heads always look the same - only the hair changes, but you still have to go see them.

Davin is a sucker for the "new" foods and had to try beer battered, deep fried bratwurst (not that great) and hot dish on a stick (ok, but why).

I had to get the best ice cream at the fair: Honey Sunflower Seed Ice Cream from the horticulture building (by the honey exhibits).

Radley loves wheels, so we took a break from the stroller on what's left of machinery hill. He thought the huge wheels were pretty cool. The only uncool part is that they put oil on the rubber of the wheels to keep them looking shiny - I'm still working on how to get that out of his light colored pants!

We never go on the midway (there is so much else to see and do), but this ride right by midway entrance cracked me up - maybe because it was so huge or maybe because it had the same "busty" view from every direction. I don't think the picture does it justice.

You gotta love the fair!



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