Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The plaid bunny/sheep thing said he needed a friend, so with some stripy remnants this bunny came along. This time I reworked the ear shape to really make him a bunny, but I think they ended up a little far apart - they could look like horns except I put a little felt on them... I mean *ahem* I meant it to look that way. I attempted a few improvements on this model. I added a layer of crinkly stuff in each limb. I also put a small container with a few plastic beads, 4 small, green buttons and two brads inside to make a rattle sound. It took some trial and error to get just the right sound.

I again had an ear boo-boo, but that is just to remind everyone that this is a one of a kind hand made item.

This bunny decided to travel and is currently on his way west - but not before Radley could test him out and give him a thumbs up.

I am not sure if there are more friends for us in the future or not...



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