Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Compelled to be Crafty

I don't know whether it was because the County Fair started yesterday, all the crafty blogs I have been reading, or what, but yesterday I felt compelled to make something crafty.
However... I was determined to use only what I had on hand. I decided to make a stuffed animal styled after a Moopy - mostly because I think they look super cute, and partly because no matter how it turned out, it would look like I meant it that way.
I have been a fan of Clare Beaton's illustrations for awhile now and have a supply of felt from various "CB inspired projects." I also had a "discard or donate" bag of clothing next to my sewing table. And so began the project.
Since this was my first Moopy doll, I went as simple as possible. I chose not to stuff any limbs or ears. Instead I sewed a layer of felt (like batting) to give a slightly quilted quality. I even handstitched a little "quilty" running stitch around the edge of each appendage - that helped me hide one boo-boo on an ear.
The body is made from an old pair of pair of boxers (they were clean!). I made a half-hearted attempt to match my plaid when possible.
I love the way a pinked edge looks handstitched with a stitch in each groove, so I used that for adding the face and the ladybug on the tush (a piece of another pair of discarded boxers - perhaps the rest of the ladybug fabric will become something else - there is also a goldfish pair!)

Here is the finished product:

Originally it was going to be a bunny - but due to a design flaw I had to shorten the ears. Now I am not sure what it is - perhaps a baby sheep. Ideas as to what it is are welcome.



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