Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Bed

I finally consented to setting up our new bed. Davin got a nice C&B bed for $5 from work about a year ago (someone returned it). Our old bed is a funky platform bed with handicap bars on the side that Davin made years ago - it really was like a piece of art. That piece of art became super squeaky over the years. Even laying down on it anymore was loud enough to wake the neighbors - especially since we have the same brand of baby monitors. I don't know why I was so sentimental about it - Davin didn't care. So this weekend we put together our new bed. We had to do something with the kid once he woke up, so we confined him to the colloseum of pillows. I was surprised how ok he was with that - I guess there were toys in the colloseum.

Incidentally, this morning he fell out of the new bed (I'm sure the bad parenting police are on their way). It's pretty low, so it was a very small thud, and not one tear. I think it scared us more than anything - he's gotten so fast - I was laying right next to him and suddenly he was gone. I guess "that'll learn us."

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