Thursday, October 26, 2006

Got some catchin' up to do

It seems so much harder to find a moment to post an update now that summer is gone. Take what you can get, I guess.
Blogger not letting me upload pictures has made this post even longer in coming.

We forgot to take the "12 month" photo on the day, but it was close enough.

Last week the birthday celebration fun continued at Kathleen's. She sent us pictures of all the party fun.

Over the weekend (last weekend) we went to Lisbon, ND to celebrate Great-Uncle Cliff's 90th birthday. It was a lot of driving for two days, but we had fun visiting with family. Radley had fun hangin' out with his cousin Khalen. As soon as the Rad Man starts walking, those two are going to be trouble.
While we were in North Dakota we went to a little town called Fort Ransom - I seriously thought I was out in Wyoming (or someplace West that is not flat) - we drove down into a gorge to get to it. We ate at the cutest restaurant in a house on the main drag. Other than Fort Ransom and Lisbon, most of the scenery looked like this. There is definitely beauty in flat too.

The roads were filled with trucks hauling the sugar beet harvest. We contemplated stopping and picking up some sugar beets that were all over the road, but what do you do with sugar beets? Does anyone just cook them and eat them?
This was a pile of sugar beets we passed - although pile doesn't seem to convey how actually huge this was. I am guessing 2 stories high. It was probably the size of the local elementary school. This photo is from about a mile away - it gives you an idea how long the "pile" is.

This photo is head on as we passed it on the road. The pile is set back from the road, so the signs seem to give it a smaller scale. Look at the semi trucks right next to the pile to get a more realistic scale. I'm not sure why a huge pile of sugar beets impressed me so much.

Walking Update: He took 4 steps for Grandpa Bob on Monday - it won't be long. He seems so steady when he is hanging on to something, soon he will just take off and run.

I have been crocheting a few hats lately. They are small enough projects I can feel like I am getting somewhere on them with the time that I have. I think though that I need to find another crochet project - Radley has plenty to keep his head warm this winter.

The duck is modeling a birthday gift that still needs to be delivered.

I tested out a zig-zag shell pattern by Dot.

Radley has finally learned how to wave only he seems to think he is in a parade. He puts his arm straight up and waves his palm side to side. I prefer to think of parade waving as opposed to other ideas that he looks like a politician.
He has also learned how to shake his head no. I don't think he connects it to the concept of no (he just thinks it's fun), but last night when I was trying to get him to come to me to get a diaper change he was shaking his head.
We got some cute video of the waving and no-ing. Since I am typing this perhaps it will pressure me into working on getting some video uploaded. You will have to check back and see. I feel pressure to work on some kind of Halloween costume too, so that may come first.

We got two cute pumpkins for our steps for Halloween (the only decorations we put out). I had plans of roasting seeds until the squirrels decided to claim them for their own. The ate huge holes in them and now every time we go in and out of the door they are there eating all of my seeds. We will probably end up with pumpkin plants starting to grow all over our yard next spring.

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