Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Officially "Back to School"

A Walk at Kathleen'sIt's been busy around our house this week.
Workshop week started on Monday - students don't start until the day after Labor day. Grandma G. spent the day with the Bud on Monday, but on Tuesday he went off to Kathleen's house. He had so much fun, and seems to be adjusting just fine.
We are so lucky to have found Kathleen. She loves her job, and is extremely competent and careful. I was shocked the first day when I picked up the Rad man and received a one page newsletter with pictures of the day's happenings. It was very cool to feel like I really knew what the group had been up to all day. It's fun to learn about his new pals too: Aidan, Anna, Luke and Ilse. Apparently - she does newsletters every day!
On day two, Kathleen had our email addresses and during afternoon nap time (aka newsletter time) she emailed some great Rad photos. I have no basis for comparison, but it seems like we have something pretty special here.
Eating at Kathleen's

Other fun news:
  • Last night when we got home from Kathleen's, Radley instigated Peek-a-boo by himself by hiding and appearing from behind a chair. I thought it was unintentional at first, but he hid, appeared and laughed with me about 10 times.

  • This morning at breakfast he tried to feed me some of his Cheerios. He couldn't quite put them in my mouth, but he wanted me to eat it from his hand.

    I think we will be seeing new things all the time now that he is playing and learning with older kids at Kathleen's.



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