Saturday, February 06, 2010

a new favorite

Going back to work has been not so bad.
It does make me really appreciate sleep and weekends. A snow day in the near future would totally kick derriere (although I've probably ruined any chance of that happening by actually saying it out loud).

We've got a new family favorite youtube video (sorry no embedding on this one) - it just makes me smile and sing along each time. Maybe it's the marching band - I had a little marching band envy in high school. Violists don't ever march, and those band folk always seemed to be having a lot of fun.
The Bud has decided that the song is about his little pal Molly, and that the lyrics are actually "when the Molly comes."

There has been nothing at all happening on the knitting front since the start date back at work, but I did manage to finish a couple of quickie projects during the final countdown:

Thorpe 1
Ravelry Link
The Bud was in dire need of a new hat. He loved my Thorpe, and I had a few leftovers around that seemed a perfect fit.

All the Water
Ravelry Link
I also finished my "back to work" mittens - I love Through the Loops and her patterns - so lovely and always well written.

Everyone is napping but me, so I will end with a gratuitous baby pic (our little Cupcake is now over 6 months old!) and enjoy a few precious moments of silence. Shhhh.

6th months - up close

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