Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's Spring, but no longer Spring Break

It's officially spring - funny how my spring break was before the official start of spring. Hmmm.
Last weekend Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Bob came over. Mom helped me finally finish my vintage Springbock MN puzzle that I have had rolled up and out of the way since last summer. I have my new birthday puzzle out on the table now - not too far yet, but I love having a puzzle out so you can walk by, find a piece and feel satisfied.

Sunday night was the "first real haircut night" - not just a trim. We got a razor-comb grooming tool. It was the perfect thing for avoiding the "mom cut my hair" look - at least I hope I avoided it. I miss the shagginess, but it had to be done. He looks like such a "big kid" now. Here is a before and after:

We had our first rehearsal for the Spring Concert for Roseville String Ensemble this week. Sara is playing in this one with me! Our last chance to play together before she takes off for grad school - wherever that may be... perhaps here.

We've got a sick boy this weekend. Just a cold - he's tired and cuddly with streams coming from his nose (not always clear ones). I'm sure he will be ready and rearin' to go on Monday with Grandpa Bob.

As far as socks go... I finished one of the "Spring" socks - I am stalling on it a bit so that I can finish sock #2 after the colors change to pink/green/yellow in April for Project Spectrum.
One Spring SockTo the heel flap
I started a different pair for the interim. I am trying out ribbing down the whole cuff and top of the sock. It's the same kind of yarn I used for Davin's socks, but I am using smaller needles. I'm only to the heel of sock #1 due to the beautiful weather, a puzzle out on the table and great book series I'm reading - The Immortals by Tamora Pierce - oh yeah and there's that cute little budlet to play with too.

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