Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthdays and Water Heaters

I think the planets were aligned - I had a fabulous birthday yesterday (as well as much fun leading up to yesterday and continued celebration today).
I had to work, but it was a workshop day so I could go in late. Davin made me breakfast, a friend took me out to lunch, and I went out for drinks after work with the gals (including my Birthday Twin!). I had lots of other fabulous surprises and feel good moments too.

This coming week is Spring Break and that may have a lot to do with my relaxed and happy attitude. Davin is taking time off this week and we have plans to go out to lunch and see a few movies.

Davin's birthday is this coming Friday (I married a younger man!) and the I think the Birthday socks will be done just in time. I'm on the home stretch.

Filed in the "not quite so fun" category is the slow death of our water heater. It is still functioning at the moment, but it is leaking and not repairable. Since it is in a hidden corner of our cellar, we did not find it until this morning.

The news got even better after the repair man came - we were fully prepared to buy and install a new water heater. What we were not prepared for were all of the complications with our "too small" pipes and "non-legal" chimney. Argh. So the slowly dying beast is still in the basement, and an electrician is coming on Monday to look at our best option, an electric water heater.
Ahh... the joys of home ownership - especially a home built in 1918.

Gratuitous kid pics from earlier this week:

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