Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Video: Interview and Busy Boy

There is a new video in the sidebar. The first part shows off a few of Radely's first words (if you are wondering what he is doing with his hands at the beginning - he heard a train, and that's his sign for train). He seems to be giving up a few of his signs in favor of pointing or saying something.
The second half is the busy boy in action on his trike he got for Christmas from Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Bob.
He is 17 months old today (we have to remember to take the picture with striped kitty tonight!) and "busy" is probably the best word to describe him.

Yesterday - after hanging around while the plumbers installed our new water heater - we had a family day for Davin's birthday. We went out to eat at Pop (notice Davin's new hat) and visited the Walker (notice Radley's too-big shirt). Radley really enjoyed looking around at the Walker - he pointed to many pieces and tried to tell us something about them. Here are the boys after our big day "sitting on their balls".

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