Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a.... Cupcake!

Recently we had the big ultrasound and found out that the little one on the way is a girl. I'm "old" this time around and had the super-duper ultrasound, so they were very sure (they were not just looking for the absence of boy parts, but clearly saw the presence of girl ones).

When we told the Bud, he was convinced that we had ignored his request for a baby brother - until he talked to his good friend A. who has a 6 month old baby sister. Her excitement for him turned him around (Thank you, A!). She also had a ton of advice for him - including that he needed to come up with a nickname for the baby before she is born. He thought for a bit and came up with cupcake.
So, Cupcake it is.

Water Wand
Ravelry Link

I finally finished the "Jim Shirt" (aka vest) I was working on for the Bud this weekend. I only knit on it about 5 different days, but it took about a month to squeeze those 5 days in.

The fit is good except for the length. I followed the length guidelines for his size in the pattern, but I think I may rip out the cast on edge and make it longer at some point.

Mom told me to look like I'm watering

The Bud is a big fan though, and that's what counts.

Grandma and Grandpa came over for Memorial Day today. We planted tomatoes, and had a fabulous lunch on the deck.

The Bud got to plant his very own garden of marigolds with Grandma, who also brought him a special bud-sized watering can. He has been watering everything possible all day.

Goofy Face

I have been working a little on the lace part of my Ishbel Shawl (Ravelry Link), but I must be too tired for lace - I've messed up somehow three different times, and I just need to let it rest for a bit before I do something rash. Perhaps once school is out, my head will be clearer.

Instead I cast on a little something for Cupcake with lots of soothing garter stitch.

Girly BSJ
Ravelry Link

It's my first Baby Surprise Jacket, and like so many knitters before me, I am wowed by the genius of Elizabeth Zimmerman. Since I am using fingering weight yarn, this will be "first week of life" size. I wouldn't make this size for a gift, but I know that I want to have a little sweater to wear coming home, and this will be perfect.

Yellow Iris
Here's to great spring weather and days off with family.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest

It was chilly yesterday at Shepherd's Harvest, but the rain stayed away.

Sheep Shearing


Mr. 5 and the Bud came for the morning, and I met up with my good friend R and her little one who was a trooper through the whole day.

Baby L

I stuck pretty close to my budget plan - there was so much eye candy, it was a little tough at times.

There was one thing I knew for sure I was going to get for myself, a pendant from Jennie the Potter. I was eyeing them at Yarnover, and knew she would be selling at SH too.


To my complete surprise, Mr. 5 and the Bud picked up one of her beautiful bowls for a sweet Mother's day gift. I don't know how they did it without me seeing - they are just that good.

Total Surprise

Her sheepy wares are cute, but I'm a huge fan of her other non-knitting related designs.

I also budgeted to pick up some fiber yesterday.
I have not done much spinning since I got my wheel a few months ago - mostly because I have been exhausted from working on this. But I am back at it again (now that I have more energy) and hope to spin more through the summer.

On the Bobbin

I am getting better at spinning thinner and more evenly, but I wanted some more fiber to practice on. And I wanted enough to have some usable yardage at the end just in case it ends up being a little thicker. So I ended up bringing home close to a pound of this coopsworth in "Maple Leaves".

Maple Leaves

My last purchase was from the Briar Rose stand. I couldn't resist their colors.

Briar Rose - Sea Pearl

Everything of theirs was so lovely - I could have just picked a skein with my eyes closed and been completely happy.

Shepherd's Harvest also gave me the chance to do my first official Kinnearing of local reporter Maya Nishikawa.

Kinnearing at SH

Here is her photo she posted via twitter. (Scroll up to my photo of the sheep shearing - look familiar?)

I'm looking forward to an evening on the deck with ribs on the grill. Mmmmm.


I won!

I can't believe it - it was an honor just to be nominated - I never thought it could actually be me!

Click here for a video about the announcement.
(The part about looking for the retainer in the garbage cracks me up.)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Knitting with Glass?

When we were out an about the other day, I saw this light fixture in the window of a local lighting store.

Knit glass

The shop was closed, so I couldn't get very close with the phone on my camera, but here is a somewhat closer shot of the glass stitches.

Knit glass - close up

I'm headed to Shepherd's Harvest tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers for no rain!


Saturday, May 02, 2009

Thank you!

Many, many thanks to those of you who donated to the Roseville String Ensemble and sent good wishes to our group over the last month.
Your generosity was wonderful, and raised $400 for the RSE - enough to cover the cost of purchasing/renting music for one of our concerts next year!

Throughout the past month I have added each new entry to the drawing into an excel spreadsheet automatically assigning a number to each entry.
Today, with the help of a trusty online number generator, I "drew" names.

The first prize package of Malabrigo worsted goes to... #9 - Michelle of KnittingInTransit

The Malabrigo Lace prize package goes to... #29 - Carrie of sadlonelycreator

The sock knitter's prize package goes to... #3 - Joan of joanie1803knits

and the skein of "Lame Duck" beautifully spun generously donated by Nuttnbunny goes to... #36 - Annette of confessionsofayarnaddict

I will send out prizes this week.

For those of you who might be in the twin cities area, tomorrow is our last concert of the season: