Saturday, September 29, 2007

Movie Night Update

For those of you who may be watching the weather wondering if we are going to have movie night this year...
The word on the street is that the rain headed our way should clear up by 1:00 or so. If it hasn't cleared up by 4:00, I am sorry to announce that the 7th annual movie night will be canceled. Because of Davin's recent job change, we won't be having a rain date, and the garage is full of c-r-a-p (I am spelling in front of the Bud) so last year's rain space is not an option this time.

If it clears up we have movie food ready for the double feature of Disney's Cartoon Robin Hood and Goonies.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spoon Jam

Last night resulted in the single best spoon jam I have ever been in! I don't know how many spoon jams I have really been a part of in my life, but that doesn't diminish the greatness of this one, I'm tellin' ya.
Radley had some wooden spoons. We were trying to play the wooden ones, but that didn't work so well, so we broke out the regular table ones and the crazy spoon jam session began... with a short intermission for spoons on noses.

I do have some things I have been working on... another sweet baby cap by Gro and some socks for the Bud - pictures to come.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marigolds (and More)

Marigold Socks
I finished my Marigold socks during nap time today.
This was such a fun pattern to knit, and it was easy enough to be my first attempt at something lacy.
It went by quickly too on size 2 needles.

My road trip socks have been stalled for a bit now. I started avoiding them on purpose when I realized I would run out of yarn. I have not decided whether I am going to frog and start something new, or use some leftover koigu in a different color for the toes.

It's been a big weekend for our family. Davin found out that he will officially be making the job change he has been hoping for. It will mean some challenges for us, but it will pay off by next February. Basically he will be living in Chicago for 3 months. I think that the anticipation of this may be harder on me than the actual day to day of living it. I'm still in denial at this point though.

Saturday we went out to Franconia Sculpture Park to meet the lovely Nuttnbunny and her family.
I was so disappointed that I forgot my camera. I did take a few pictures with my phone, put they are pretty grainy.
The Bud loved the sculpture in the background of this photo. It has a maze like feel with "bud-sized" doorways in the center.

While we were there Nuttnbunny gave me my first introduction to spinning and generously sent me home with a drop spindle and some fabulous hand painted wool!
Gift from a Friend
So far it has been making me truly appreciate yarn spun by others. I think it's going to take me a bit (perhaps a lot) of practice before I really have the hang of it.
I'm looking forward to another opportunity for some fiber fun with her (and perhaps a spinning refresher course) ;)

On the way home from Franconia we stopped at Sven's Scandinavian Shoes. I shopped the clearance basement and left with these.
New Shoes
Yes, that is a 41 on the side - as my father would say, I have a very large understanding.

To top off the weekend, I let myself take one of the open spots in the Yarn Pirate's Booty Club.
I can't wait to try her yarn, and test drive the hot pink "pirate" needles!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Crayons... not just for breakfast anymore

The Bud was doing a little coloring today... I was sitting right next to him, but he had his back to me, and I guess I wasn't paying attention. Things got silent - the international sign for "child doing something they are not supposed to do" - in this case getting 400% of his daily wax intake.
Crayons, not just for breakfast anymore.
... and the award for most attentive mother goes to....


Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Great MN Get Together

Yesterday we spent the day at the Fair.
Welcome to the MN State Fair
Here is our State Fair Top 10:

10. Machinery Hill - which was an evening make-out spot back in the day... perhaps it still is.
Machinery Hill

9. Visiting the animals in the animal barns - The Bud is a city kid and doesn't often get to see horses, cows, llamas, and goats... or MN's largest boar!
MN Largest Boar
"I Visited the Oink Booth"

8. The Old Mill Ride - it's the ultimate creepy, strange ride. You ride on a boat through a pitch black tunnel, and every so often there is a lit window with a diorama set up of a classic story like the 3 little pigs. The Bud describes it as "Boat, dark"
Ye Old Mill

7. Being in the free drawing for the benches at the Union Workers booth - 30+ years and no win yet, but I will keep trying!
Union Workers Booth

6. Turkey to go - Davin's favorite fair food. It's a super yummy pulled turkey sandwich sold at a booth right outside the door of the poultry building! :)
Turkey to Go

5. The 5s on the fairgrounds!
I didn't know the main gate was gate #5
Main Gate - 5

4. Honey Sunflower Seed Ice Cream -
My favorite fair food. The stand is at the Agriculture building. Beware... the only size the cones come in is "Fair Size".
The best ice cream at the fair
Honey Sunflower Seed Ice Cream

3. 4-H and Creative Activities Buildings -
I found my friend K's Quilt. I wasn't sure what to look for (names are never attached to projects), but this was the only one that looked like African women around huts, so I think it was it.
K's Quilt

2. Bumping into friends - it truly is the great MN get together. I always bump into someone I know. This year it was my good bud R. She was the one who informed me that K's quilt was in the Creative Activities building!
R and I

1. Leaving the crowds of people at the end
People, People and more People

It was a great (but tiring) day.
A Tuckered Bud


On a non-fair note, this made me smile today:
After mowing the lawn and working on the new deck all day, Davin came in and put together a moisturizing hand scrub of brown sugar and Blood Orange Olive Oil.
He made me feel his hands before and after.
Then I used it. Very nice!