Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FOs - 2, WIPs -1

No I didn't actually finish any of the socks I am working on.
Instead I have been sewing and crocheting (I can still crochet!).
I have been thinking about the last book coming out very soon, and I was inspired by Kat Knits, so I picked up a crochet hook for the first time in awhile and made a yellow ball with wings. Some might call it golden. You know, it's the thing used in that sport by those characters from that book series.
Waiting for the last HP book
It was an amusing HP diversion.

My other finished object is a little, lined draw-string, sock project bag. It's just big enough to have a yarn cake at the bottom and a sock in progress stashed on top.
Sock Project Bag

My "work in progress" is nearing completion. It is another project bag design. I just have a few finishing touches left. Sewing is a little complicated for me right now. My craft room with my sewing machine is next to the Bud's room. Sewing often makes just a bit too much noise during naps, so we will see when the finishing touches get added. The sewing I got finished happened while Davin and the Bud went out for a walk.
WIP - project bag

You may recognize the fabric for these bags from a skirt last summer.
I have a little connection to a housewares store that uses Marimekko fabric for displays. I won't tell you the name only that it rhymes with "plate and stairwell". So for most of my sewing projects I draw from my Marimekko stash. I also often end up using the same fabric for multiple projects - I have a skirt that matches my ottoman cover. :)

"ain, ain, ain, ain"
Over the weekend we took the light-rail down to the Great Mall of the United States (aka the Mall of America). Really the whole purpose was to ride the train with the Bud, but our excuse was stopping at the Lego store to pick up a flat duplo board for building.
The Bud was pretty excited about being on the train, or as he says "ain". He was saying "ain" to anyone who would listen. And now every time we walk out the door now he asks, "ain?" We may have to take another trip.

Here he is yesterday cleaning and wearing his ladybug boots.
The bud cleaning

A little shop talk
Thank you to those of you who supported my shop over the weekend.
I would love to know what you think of my stitch markers. Based on initial feedback I restocked with more color options and markers with multiple beads.

One question that I have is whether to make one marker slightly different? I have seen many sets sold with one that looks different to mark the start of a round. Personally this doesn't matter with how I end up using stitch markers. I usually only use one on a sock, so a set for me would be spread out over multiple projects.

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Blogger crafty_kat said...

Hi there, just popped over from Shelly's blog.
Not knowing the layout of your house, I was wondering if it'd help, noise-wise, to have your machine on the opposite end of the room, and then in the Bud's room, his bed on the opposite wall again?? If that's at all possible... it'd effectively give a relative buffer.

Anyway, love that fabric. I tried clicking on the link for it, but it's not working for me. I'm not from anywhere near your area, so to me your source isn't so obvious ^_~. Looks very cool though! I can't wait to see the bag in all its glory ^_^

July 13, 2007 3:49 PM  

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