Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's in a Name?

Summer Sippers
Last night was the first "Summer Sippers" Event of 2007. We are a group of colleagues who enjoy spending time with each other outside of work. Originally we started meeting after work...particularly Fridays after work. At that point we called ourselves the "Beverage Commission" or "Beverage Committee". It worked well to be able to ask if there was a committee meeting after school and not worry about who might be listening in. Then we started to meet during the summer, and it was decided we needed a summer name - so "Summer Sippers" was born. So we have had a school year name and a summer name for awhile now. Although one "affiliate" still chooses to call us "Teachers Gone Wild"- Ahem.
Now it seems we are up for name discussion yet again... is there a name we could have that would not depend on the season? A name that could, say, I don't know, be put on shirts for our August-Campout-Slumber-Party? (Wow - we are cheesy!)

I tried to put the first letter of each of our names in an anagram maker. The best choices were "Blanker" and "Barn Elk". *Sigh*

I got some great anagrams for Summer Sippers:
Supreme Prisms
Primmer Pusses
Impresses Rump
Prime Sperm Us

Em: I think this needs to be on the agenda at the next meeting! ;)

Sippers: Click here for a copy of the photo.

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