Sunday, May 06, 2007

One hot kid!

What's up with the Bud:
Last week started with lots of snot and coughing, but seemed to resolve itself near the end of the week.
One of his new favorite outdoor activities is picking dandelions. Here's the budlet on Thursday.
Pickin' the Lions
Friday night he started getting a fever. We didn't think too much about it, gave him some Tylenol and went to bed. Sat. morning more Tylenol... but after his afternoon nap he was burning up (103 underarm temp), so we went to Urgent Care.
6 hours later we were home. During that time, his temp went up a little and Urgent Care was closing for the evening so we finished up at the ER with a number of tests to determine the cause.
The only thing they could find after poking and prodding was what looked like a urinary tract infection.
He was a so agreeable - even when feeling sick. But at the end - after 3 rectal temps, 2 catheter "inserts", and blood taken, he was saying "no" to whatever he could. Poor kid.
This was the first time we had been with him to the ER - there was a concierge for the waiting room! She was very nice and even gave the Bud a handmade finger puppet to amuse him. What a great, easy idea to make and donate to hospitals.

The good news is that he seems back to his normal self today - ready to go out and pick some dandelions, if it weren't so windy and wet outside.

Today's Concert:
This afternoon was my spring concert for RSE. It finally worked out to have Sara play with us. Here we are in the lobby beforehand.

In the past the Budlet needed to leave and walk around during the concert, but today he sat enthralled on Grandpa's lap the WHOLE time. It was an hour and a half with a short intermission. I was floored. Grandma Sharlene said his favorite piece was the Handel and thought the Britten was just o.k. Hmmm.
It got me thinking about what concerts we might go to this summer. I think the MN orchestra has a kids series - I will have to look into that. Sara said she would join us. Yeah for fun summer plans!

Yarn News:
Thanks to Magnusmog for filling me in on the official name of my Scottish stirring stick: a Spurtle. I have learned so much now that I have been able to look it up by its proper name - there is even a Golden Spurtle Award for porridge making.
I used it again this weekend - not for porridge, but for yarn ball winding.
I dyed some more yarn using orange and yellow. I went from natural to yellow to yellow-orange to orange.
Dye Job #2
I am still working on my camouflage socks - sorry no photo update.
They seem to be coming along more slowly, perhaps because I am working on them both at the same time.

I realized last week that I missed my blogiversary. I started this thing last year on April 20. It is hard to believe a year has gone so fast.
I read recently on a lovely blog called the Happiness Project - that the days are long but the years are short. Grandma Sharlene added to that the other day by saying that often the days aren't even that long!
Too true.

Final Picture:
I couldn't resist. Here's the Bud first thing in the morning after going to bed with his hair wet.

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