Sunday, April 15, 2007

Update P.S.

I forgot to mention Radley's recent discovery of the doorbell (he has also become fond of light switches). Every time we have gone in and out of the door this weekend, he has to ring the doorbell - over and over. He stomps his feet and gives a yell when we finally drag him in, but it is short lived - and he has to learn to live with some disappointment, right?

This afternoon we went to the Arboretum . Yesterday when we went to the library we checked out one of the Museum Passes. My first choice was to go to the Bakken, but they are only open for a short time on Sat and not on Sun, so we opted for the Arboretum. Not much is in bloom - a few crocuses peeking up, but it was fun to walk around anyhow with the beautiful weather. And it was FREE with the museum pass. I really want to use more of these - especially this summer. It is such an awesome deal, and it may not be around after September, so I want to take advantage now! :)

It is so nice out, we are going to grill tonight. We are making our favorite grill out meal of steak with Gorgonzola and grilled/toasted baguette slices with fresh mozzarella and tomato. My mouth is watering already.

During lunch today the song "Da Da Da" came on the radio. Radley was dancing and singing with me in his highchair - a song he can sing along to! In case you don't know it, for a large portion of the song, the lyrics are "da da da". We tried to get a video, but of course he wouldn't perform for the camera.

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