Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Very Nice Day

When I studied in England, the highest compliment I ever heard my flat mate Wei Li from Singapore give was "very nice". And when she said it, you could tell it meant something greater, a superlative.
In that same spirit - yesterday was a very nice day.

We spent the afternoon lounging poolside.
The Bud in the Pool

Radley is in love with his new shoes. He woke up yesterday, and wanted to put them on right away.
The Bud

In the evening the Bud went to grandma and grandpa's for the night and we did what the Phish song instructs and went to dinner and saw a movie - but not in that order.

We rarely see movies in the theater anymore, so it was tough deciding on what to go see. We have definite theories on what are "big screen" movies. Generally it's the big budget, blockbuster, action movies we think are enhanced by a big screen/theater setting. That's not to say that those would always be our favorite movies, just that they deserve a big screen and good sound. Although, I would say that there are some "vista" dramas that are "big screeners" too.
So anyway... what do we pick to be our one date movie of the summer? Why, Transformers of course. (Just in case you didn't pick up on it, that was all a lead up to say "please don't judge us for picking Transformers"). I have to say that it was very fun. There were a few times where I was struggling to maintain suspension of my disbelief, but effects were awesome. And who doesn't love Optimus Prime? Except in the movie his semi-trailer doesn't appear from nowhere when he transforms. *sigh*

After our high-brow entertainment we went to dinner at the restaurant at the new Guthrie, Cue. It was after the show had started, so the restaurant was emptier and more relaxed, and our table was outside overlooking the beautiful stone arch bridge.

Great view.
Perfect weather.
No mosquitoes.
Fabulous food.

My favorite part was the 30 year old tawny port we had with dessert - it was like buttery flowers on my tongue.

We hadn't been inside the new Guthrie building yet, so we walked up to the Endless Bridge. I was surprised that when you are inside, you don't feel like you are walking out on a huge cantilevered bridge. It just feels like a little balcony.
The night view was beautiful.
Stone Arch Bridge at Night

Very nice.

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Blogger SwissKnits! said...

Hi, popped in from Shelly's Blog...

your knitting looks awesome!!! I can understand the frustration with the reading/translating of patterns... but your FOs look great!! Keep up the great work.

I too began the cowl from LMKG ... I am using KnitPicks Andean Silk... It's yummy!

Good Luck with your Etsy shop!!

July 08, 2007 8:33 AM  

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