Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Call me Tinkerbell (actually, please don't)

Slow Sock Progress
I have been working on my fakewalkers and the camouflage socks. I am making progress, but I have been working on a few other things too, so not that much progress.
It doesn't help that I kept trying to "just knit a few rounds" of the fakewalkers before going to bed. Not that keeping track of the pattern is very hard, it's just that when I am tired, I make mistakes. The pattern only happens every other round, so I wouldn't realize my mistake until I had come back to the pattern again. Then I would be too tired to deal with a mistake until the next day when I would tink-tink-tink (hence the title) back to fix it. It felt a little like two steps forward and one step back for awhile. Then I just decided to make a rule that I could only work on my fakewalkers during daylight hours. I am much more sane, and I just turned the heel on #1. Making that rule made the camo socks the after dark socks, so it helped me get some done there too.

One thing that has been slowing my progress down on my socks has been opening an Etsy shop. I just made my first sale today. I frequently have had crafty urges, but have reigned them in thinking what will I really do with the resulting stuff. Start an Etsy shop of course.

After I started knitting, I was frustrated with the stitch markers I was using. They were rigid and flippy. They also seemed to disturb the yarn connecting the two stitches it was in between. So I raided my beading supplies and found some beading elastic (from a creative urge many years ago) and came up with a pretty simple, lightweight design for really small needles.
Tiny Stitch markers for knitting socks Tiny Stitch markers for knitting socks
I've been making a few of these during naps and have put them in my shop along with some paper tags I have made from pages of a hurt mother goose book.
Paper Tags from hurt Mother Goose book Paper Tags from hurt Mother Goose book

In Bud news:
We had another run to Urgent Care last Thursday - lots of coughing and not wanting to eat or drink. It looks like pneumonia in the same area of the lungs again. (It helped that the radiologists finally figured out that the x-ray was backwards). Since this is the third episode (each a month apart) of what seems to be the same problem, we are going to see a pediatric pulmonologist at the beginning of August. I hope this will help us get to the bottom of things.

Over all the Bud is his happy self.
One new favorite activity is pushing his babies around the driveway.
Pushin' Babies
Our new favorite word of his: Rhino (it sounds like "I know") - it's darn cute.

Happy 4th everyone!

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Your title has had me giggling for 5 minutes now!

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