Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gloria version 2.0

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day...
blue sky, fluffy clouds, perfect temperature...
until the evening when the crazy hail storm hit.

Hail Stones Covering the Unfinished Deck

Luckily I was able to pack lots o fun into the day before the craziness ensued.

My good friend R and I went to Shepherd's Choice Farm for their annual Sheep Shearing Festival. It is a small farm out in East Bethel, MN. It has a little yarn store, and yesterday there were other vendors and events. We both came home with some great bargains.

Shepherd's Choice Farm - Mosaic

During the day I was able to put the finishing touches on Gloria version 2.0.

Gloria version 2.0

Pattern: Gloria Cowl
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden Harmony Semi-Solid "Rambling Rose"
Needles: US 8

This time around I made a few modifications.
I started out with fewer stitches - I cast on 85 instead of 99 to make it cozier at the top.

I also wanted it to flare out toward the bottom so I increased by two stitches every 5 rounds or so.

Gloria version 2.0 flat
(This photo has the truer color)

The last change I made was to transition from the seed stitch to the plain stockinette to avoid the tendency to fold at that point. After the three rounds of seed stitch I did...
1 round of K2, P1,
1 round of K3, P1
1 round of K4, P1
1 round of K5, P1
and then switched to plain stockinette stitch.

I really like the random look of the edge, and it succeeds in eliminating folding at that point.

If I make another one, I think I will try to increase twice as often in the bottom half of the cowl for more of a flare.
However I have a few other things in mind to make before another cowl... however I do remember what happened last time I said something like that.

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