Sunday, May 04, 2008

Two and a Half Years!

2 and a Half Years Mosaic
We stopped doing the monthly photo sessions, but I couldn't let the half-birthday go by without one.
This was by far the easiest and most fun photo session we've ever had - there was laughing and even singing.
The Bud was a bit more cleaned up than normal to go to my concert this afternoon, so we took advantage of it.
2 and a half years #2
He didn't make it through the whole concert today. He has sat through entire concerts in the past - entranced by the instruments and music. However today he only made it through the first piece. To his credit - the first piece did have 5 movements. The second piece had a cello soloist - the Bud thought he was intentionally making funny faces while he played, so at that point it was time for running in the lobby. He is very much in a go-go-go phase right now.

Although I really enjoyed playing in the concert - it was a physically demanding line up. The second movement of the Haydn Cello Concerto is a back-breaker. It is extremely slow with no breaks - I spend the whole, long movement making a tiny bow strokes every other beat or so. It just proves that sometimes seemingly simple pieces can be quite difficult.

I knitting news...
My February Baby Sweater is blocking.
Pictures coming soon.

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Blogger cath said...

Do you play the viola!! Excellent! I played for 14 years--elementary through HS--but I haven't played in many many years. I do still have a fondness for the viola though.

May 04, 2008 9:42 PM  

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