Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from my break...

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It was last November or so that I took a break from my Etsy shop.
School had started again, and suddenly it turned out that D had to live in Chicago for 4 months.
It was a rough stretch - but I am so thankful I had the support of family and friends.

Looking back, it seems like just a blip - was it really a third of a year?

It was a difficult decision to take a break from my shop last fall. I had started something - I was proud of what I was making - I felt a part of something larger - and then I felt like a quitter.

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But in taking a break, I have had a chance to think about what I really want from my shop.
I enjoy being a part of the online knitting community.
I enjoy sharing something I have designed and created.
I enjoy making my "stretch markers" ... but I enjoy many other things too, and some things far more.
I enjoy having a shop... when I am not also working full time.

I am taking all of this into consideration as I come back to my shop.
I have set some limits for myself and at this point I am only planning to keep my shop open for the summer.

There are many things I do for the joy I get from doing them - and I want to make sure I do what I can to enhance that in my life and still maintain the balance I know I need.

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Thanks for being patient with me while I took a (long) break.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled on a website while Googling directions to roast peppers and I totally thought of you...check out Vegan Yum Yum website (just google vegan Yum Yum, it'll take you right to it) and look for the Knit Night Cupcakes (AWESOME!!)

June 14, 2008 4:41 PM  

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