Thursday, August 07, 2008

Farfalle Free-for-all

I added my pattern as a free pdf on Ravelry on Monday night and have been blown away by the faves and queues. Thank you!
I still feel nervous that as knitters start to actually knit with the pattern, a glaring mistake will be realized.
It would be worse if there were a glaring error and no one told me, so consider this an invitation to let me know if you see any problems.

I didn't mention anything about my shoes in the last post (this is for you, Stephanie).
Farfalle Socks 1
These were a recent second hand store purchase.
They were just waiting for me in my exact size. How could I say no?
I'm not sure about the brand - the tag says "marc", and the original price tag inside was in euros. They are super soft leather across the heel - so I think they will wear really well with handknit socks this fall.

Earlier this week I finally got around to dyeing up the last three skeins of plain sock yarn I had sitting around.
Ready to Dye

Last summer I dyed a skein for these Marigold Socks:
Marigold Socks

This time I really wanted to create more rich, saturated colors. I used the same dyes (Wilton's) but this time I kettle dyed, and layered multiple shades and colors in as I went.
(More information about the specific colors I used in my stash pages)

I ended up with...

Coniferous (this color looks oddly familiar)


and Early Girl (I love this tomato color!)
Early Girl

I'm not sure when any knitting will happen with these... but now that they actually exist in the stash (undyed skeins don't count, right?) some ideas are starting to come to mind.
I'm thinking Child's First Sock for the blue skein. Any other recommendations?

I thought I was already too late for sign-ups, but I was able to sneak in just under the wire for Ravelympics. I'll be casting on tomorrow for the Sweater Sprint as well as participating in WIP Wrestling.
Go, Team MN!!

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Blogger Beatriz said... have a sock pattern! Thanks for sharing this. I love the dye colors you chose. If I think of a pattern suggestion, I'll let you know. For now they can sit and be admired.

August 08, 2008 8:56 AM  
Blogger lisa said...

So far so good with the pattern. I had to put it aside for now to work on the shawl for the Olympics. Thanks again for sharing!

August 08, 2008 3:21 PM  
Blogger magnusmog said...

Isn't dyeing fun - I'm in the middle of spinning some fleece I dyed myself and it's so good to see how the colours work out.

August 09, 2008 3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pattern and thank you for sharing it! It is scary - I'm finding that out myself, but also exciting to put something of your own out there!

August 17, 2008 7:33 AM  

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