Saturday, August 04, 2007

We made it....

We made it!

We woke up very early today. Since AZ doesn't participate in DST - it is 2 hours earlier than it feels for our bodies. That means we are up early with not a whole lot that can be done since nothing is open.

We tried to find a place with free wi-fi.... dumb *bucks wanted us to pay for it, and sitting in a hotel parking lot seemed a little creepy. It's late enough now that the public library is open. You gotta love the public library!

Since we were up so early with not a lot to do, we drove around a bit to get our bearings for later, and then walked around campus.
UofA campus On Campus
Sara's a wildcat!

On campus we also saw my favorite cactus so far.

I even took some Project Spectrum photos.
Dumpster latch

I have made progress on the road trip socks, but I forgot to take photos.
I hope to have more to show after the flight home tomorrow.

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