Monday, June 22, 2009

Coffee-Boo on the Morning Deck

Coffee-boo on the morning deck

It's Monday, and I have no clear plan of when I will get out of my Jim-Jams for the day. I love summer!
So far we have done some stamping (note the blue ink on the arms and face of the Bud in the close-up pic below), played a little Chutes and Ladders, and had a coffee-boo on the morning deck.

Coffee on the morning deck

Last week Mr. 5 made a deck in a day on the back side of our house (the side that faces the garage and driveway - a prime playing area). He has had some scrap lumber set aside for the project for awhile. The back side of our house is always shady until noon - perfect for enjoying a morning cup of coffee. The cabin deck on the other side of the house (which I love - don't get me wrong) gets blasted with sun until the evening.

Morning Deck

It's the perfect size for a couple of chairs and a little table.

Coffee-boo on the morning deck

The Bud loves his "coffee-boo". Which should probably be spelled Coffee-bou after this place - which is where he first had a steamed milk with caramel syrup. I'm not sure how he decided on the name - they call it a reindeer drink there.

My brain is in "easy knitting only" mode. So I started a simple garter stitch shawl with an eyelet row every so often. The pattern calls for a ruffled edge with a crocheted picot edge on the ruffle. I plan to keep the ruffle, but not the crochet picot - that's a little too much frosting for me. Ravelry Link

Hot Rod Adagio Shawl

I've been feeling a little under the weather with a summer cold for the past few days. With Cupcake along for the ride, I am unwilling to take any drugs, so the cold seems a bit worse than it really is. Grandma G loaned me one of these yesterday. I was frightened at first, but once I tried it - it made a lot of sense. Today I feel like I am more on the mend. I'm hoping that feeling continues.

Happy Summer, Everyone!
At the park again

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Blogger Michelle said...

I've been using my netipot day and night all month. I'm hoping it will also help prevent me from getting as sick as I was earlier this month. I even took it to Chicago with me. There is also a article about the netipot in the back of Minnesota Monthly this month - from one of the humor columnists. So's all about the netipot these day! I hope you feel 100% soon!

June 22, 2009 4:21 PM  

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