Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Medley of Favorites

I've been in a little blogging slump.

I meant to post about the great knitting fun I had two weekends ago at the Bohus exhibit at the American Swedish institute, but it just never seemed to happen.

Shelly, Nuttnbunny and I attended a few of the Saturday events together.
There was knitting to do, see and talk about, and lunch out on the town.

Shelly posted a bunch about our day on her blog.

During the knitting fun we were discussing chowls (cowls for children). I mentioned that I needed to make a new one for the Bud, since his huge noggin is getting in the way of using his current one. Nuttnbunny had the brilliant idea of using his cowl as a way to practice steeking.

So I went for it and cut my first steek.

My first Steek

I decided on machine stitching on either side since I used slippery superwash for the cowl. I may have been able to get away with a crocheted steek, but that will give me something to try next time.

First Steek - Budlet Cowl

I added a little garter stitch button band and a few random buttons from the stash.

Chowl = child cowl

The Bud's response: "I want to wear it every day all day."
Good response, kid! :)

Last night the Bud was singing at the table after dinner. Mr. 5 asked him if we could make a movie of him singing. Here is the result:

It's a little dark in our dining room, but you get a clear idea of the "kid's music" we listen to around here.

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Blogger Annie said...

Bud's got talent! Certainly put a smile on my face.
Love that he loved the chowl. Cute

February 07, 2009 12:31 PM  
Blogger Sprocket said...

That cowl may make me dust off the old sewing machine and finally try steeking. My 2yo also suffers from giant noggin-itis.

February 08, 2009 3:03 PM  
Anonymous Katie said...

I have a two-year-old w/ giant noggin-itis as well! :-) Love that he loved the cowl - sounds like he earned more hand knits!

March 04, 2009 11:47 PM  

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