Thursday, December 25, 2008

There's nothing like frantic, last minute, Christmas shopping

We had a completely frantic evening when our long planned gift for the Bud had a total system failure at the last possible moment.

We punted, and thank goodness toy stores are open late before Christmas.

Budlet Photographer

He loves it, and a replacement for the original gift will be arriving in 8-10 weeks. Just in time for a merry St. Patrick's Day.

Here are a few of my favorite shots he has taken:

Santas - by the Bud
Nesting Santas on the windowsill

Cuties - by the Bud
Peeking "cuties" (aka Korknisse)

Christmas Tree  - by the Bud
Our Christmas Tree (which we like!)

Dad Cooking - by the Bud
D in the kitchen preparing our fabulous meal.

Mom - by the Bud
and me - saying "cheese" for the 57th time since our gift opening.

Here's hoping you are staying warm and are with those you love.



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