Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Budlet Says Boo

The Bud got it in his head early on that he would be a ghost for Halloween this year. I'm not sure where the idea came from - but he was totally decided.

I liked the idea... as far as Halloween costumes go, a ghost is pretty old school and recognizable to those out of touch with kid's pop culture - you don't get a lot of "and what are you supposed to be?" as a ghost.

Ghostie Makeup

I wasn't ready for a mask over the face yet, so we went with for the face paint.

Ghost Face
(Thanks for the awesome Wildcats sweatshirt, Auntie S!)

With a limited amount of time, I needed to make it quick and easy, so for the body of the costume I cut two big circles out of a white sheet, one slightly smaller than the other. I cut a neck hole and a slit down the back (closed with velcro at the back of the neck). I made a casing for some elastic around the neck and cut staggered slits up the two layers of fabric for arms and "flowiness".
I used a pinking shears on everything and left raw edges everywhere - that's just how I roll.

Ghostie Budlet

We trick or treated with the cousins again this year. The Bud had a great time running with the bigger kids... although by the end he wasn't keeping up quite as well.

The Trick or Treaters

One thing that slowed him down was that he was totally intrigued by the spooky contraptions folks had for decorations: bubbling cauldrons and moving skeletons. I was so glad that he was interested in how they worked and not fearful.

This morning he asked if we could go trick or treating again today. He looked out the window at 7 a.m. with a twinkle in his eye and said, "it's getting dark outside."

Li'l Ghostie

Thanks for all the great comments on the Minnesota - Darth Vader - Watermelon cake.
It still cracks me up just to look at the photos.
We met an adult dressed as Darth Vader while out last night, and the look on the Bud's face was absolutely priceless.

Happy Halloween!



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