Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So much handmade goodness

I handmade more gifts this year than I ever have before.

2008 Christmas Knitting

I know that I was motivated in part by the economy to make more gifts this year, even knitting almost entirely from stash. However there is also something so fulfilling about giving a handmade gift to people you love.

It seems I was not alone in this idea...
so much handmade goodness, gifts I truly cherish - I can't help but share them here.

There were, of course, a couple of "five" gifts.

Stuffed Five
A wonderful stuffed five from one of D's coworkers.

Five Belt Buckle
Not handmade by D, but totally amazing nonetheless - a glass, five belt buckle from Kiku Handmade. It coordinates perfectly with my necklace!

I love this hand drawn tile by my brother-in-law. It makes me think of Chuck Close only on a small scale. (ETA: When the Bud saw Frank, he said, "that looks like my dad! - I can see it).

My sister made gifts out of "retired" fabric samples from a specific store to which we have a little connection (advertised on my shirt in this photo).
Project Bags
Two super cute project bags. The construction is very clever - using the grommets that held the swatches on a ring for the casing openings inside.

This fabulous bag is made from larger swatches.
Fabulous Bag
The red fabric comes to a point on the back side too. S used that design feature to make a cute triangle pocket on the inside.

Fabulous Bag - Strap

Fabulous Bag - Button
A fabulous bag finished with a fabulous button.

My mom is an amazing seamstress as well.
She made my sister and me vintage style aprons.
Vintage Apron

Apron Close Up
The white bias tape completes the vintage look.

What's an apron without matching potholders?
Pot Holders

She stitched layers of fabric together, sliced through the top few layers, finished the binding, and then washed the finished potholder to create the stripes of frayed fabric.
Pot Holder - Close Up

Here you can see the green, contrasting, un-cut layer peeking out.
Pot Holder - Layers
I love the colors and the unique construction.

I was not the only recipient of my mom's super sewing.
She made the bud a darling lion pillow.
Lion Pillow

He hasn't slept on any other pillow since.
Lion Pillow Down the Steps

The Bud still loves his amazing activity book she created for him last year.
Click on the mosaic to link to photos of each individual page.
The Bud's Activity Book
The Bud's favorite is still the kangaroo page with the little joey inside the pocket.

We have enjoyed so many fabulous and thoughtful gifts this year, including the gift of time spent with family and friends - I am truly blessed and grateful.
2008 Christmas - Family

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Blogger Nikki said...

What wonderful gifts!!

December 30, 2008 5:45 PM  
Blogger HomesMSP said...

I love my socks!!!

You can see them on my feet at... http://www.homesmsprealestateblog.com/2008/12/take-off-your-shoes.html

January 01, 2009 10:08 AM  

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