Monday, June 19, 2006

Lovin' the Greenway

Radley took his first official bike ride this weekend. He liked it so much he took a nap.
Davin tricked out our bike trailer - mounting Radley's older car seat inside. It works perfectly.

It has been a long time since I have been biking - last summer my OB told me to go ahead and try biking, but it would probably make me feel like there is a hot knife in my vagina - I decided to pass on biking last summer.

It was great to get back out on the greenway. Where we live we have easy access to the greenway system of trails that lead all over the cities. Parts of the trails make you feel like you are not even in the city. I have seen all kinds of wildlife on the trails, even fox!

Radley and I like to go for morning walks, we stop at the local coffee shop. It's Radley's version of Cheers, the owner Melissa even knows him from when Davin would stop there on his time off. The first time I stopped there alone with Radley this spring she came up to us and said "isn't that Radley?" Really, who can forget a cute face like his. :)
After getting a little morning java we loop back home on the greenway. It's funny how we often see the same people walking or biking - it feels like we are in a small town waving and saying "hi" to the familiar faces.
On that stretch we walk right by one of the few old parks that are left from the days when HWY 100 was Lilac Drive. (They had a little bit on WCCO recently on them that you can see online: Finding Minnesota-Lilac Drive). We are surrounded by construction on two sides of our neighborhood this summer (and perhaps soon three sides). They are working on 100 and I am glad to see that they are taking care to keep that historic roadside park protected.

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