Sunday, May 07, 2006

Big Weekend

It's been a big weekend in the life of the Rad Man.
Here are the highlights...
  • Getting his first tooth. It is hard to see, but easy to feel *ouch*.
  • Had a bath and used his favorite towel from Grandma.
  • Took his first trip to Mom's favorite comic book store, Big Brain Comics, for Free Comic Book Day.
  • Visited with Little buddy Maisie. They were born only one day apart. It's always good to see an old friend. ;-)
  • Announced to the world that all of his favorite foods are orange: carrots, yams and now peaches. Green foods - like beans - are just "ok."
  • Had lunch with Auntie Sara.
  • Went for first bike ride with Mom and Dad.
  • Continues to be pretty impressed with his rolling mobility and is almost getting up on his knees. Each day seems to put him closer and closer to crawling.

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